We address the value-impact gap that corporate companies face with the social projects that they undertake and diligently work towards engaging the Private Sector to respond to the community’s needs by allocating a percentage of its annual budget to CSR.

We expect to deliver quality services through our highly qualified and diverse team who believe in value for social impact.

What sets us apart from any other consultancy is that we work at the grassroots and dissect problems at the source. Every project is a personal journey for the company.

Our Pillars
Social Engagement, Community Involvement, and Sustainability are the three core pillars of our CSR framework. Our Strategic Plan outlines a number of five year objectives to help deliver on the commitments the Company has made in each of these three CSR pillars to execute quality standards to delivery of services.

a) Social Engagement
Sustainability Africa is passionate about social impact methods to implement change and laterally influence society positively. This will be executed with the following guidelines in mind:

    • Employee Participation through volunteering, in various capacities to engage in social projects for personal and career development.
    • Equipping potential clients with capacity building for staff members through extensive staff training, coaching and mentoring. At Sustainability Africa, we believe in growth that bridges the gap between profit and purpose.

b) Community Involvement
A company engages with the community to enhance relationships with and foster growth of the communities in which it has presence. The big question is whether this involvement is impactful and/or inspirational. Sustainability Africa gears itself as the go to consultant to grow the breadth and depth of the corporate-community relationship.

Our match finding platform is available to ensure that Organizations find the ‘right fit’ cause or project to support with locally based Community Based Organizations. Our highly skilled consultants are always available to facilitate this process.

c) Sustainability
With Corporate Social Responsibility comes the conflict on how to effectively strike a balance between fulfilling the society’s needs and the extent to which the company has the capacity to consider these needs.

At Sustainability Africa, we work hand in hand with our clients to ensure that the balance is achieved. By developing a productive workforce, profitability is guaranteed which in- turn allows the organization the opportunity to ‘give back’ and attain sustainability.

Our Services

    1. CR and sustainability strategies
    2. Community Engagement
    3. Brand Responsibility
    4. Volunteering and Employee Engagement
    5. Social Impact Projects
    6. Business Ethics
    7. Sustainability Staff Training, Coaching and Mentoring support

Our Value Proposition
“Delivering Value from Corporate Responsibility”

Why work with us?

      • We aim to reduce the International Funding burden that plagues most Low Developed Societies.
      • Corporate companies will have access to CBOs that have the human resource capacity with limitless grass root experience on social change.
      • We equip our clients with sustainable partnership that are able to significantly address social and environmental problems.
      • Partnering with Sustainability Africa reduces the workload for your staff while they deliver quality and impactful services. This in turn builds the company’s reputation around their market and improves general productivity.

“An organization that can demonstrate strong values and a commitment to the community will enjoy an improved reputation and one that differentiates it from its competitors”