We engage organizations to improve their productivity and change their culture so that their staff members are better able to achieve the organization’s overall mission. We do this through:

Performance Coaching
Here we engage closely with staff members to unlock their potential and maximize their performance. Working against a broad set of existing performance metrics, our team is able to accelerate the development of ‘high Potential’ employees, establishing individual accountability and dealing with poor performers who are guided with constructive, specific and clear feedback. We also provide information and resources that specifically address performance management for Senior Executives.

We at Sustainability After cover a wide range of training services specifically tailored to your needs. These include but not limited to; Management and Supervisory skills, Leadership, work place stress management, Negotiation skills, Conflict Resolution, Change Management etc.

Change Management
We work closely with our client’s top leadership, Supervisory and department heads and other groups to help them plan and implement changes in their organization. Our focus is primarily on the ‘people side’ of change where we ensure that all staff members are engaged in the change process and are working collectively towards a common objective, realizing benefits and ultimately delivering results!

Workplace Mentoring
A relatively new concept within organizations, Sustainability Africa’s work place program helps to link junior employees to senior employees with better knowledge and experience who help them perform more effectively. Our mentoring program guarantees your organization Employee productivity and retention, succession planning among other benefits.

Team Building
We believe that the essence of teamwork is to be able to create a platform in which different ideas, perspectives and varying expertise can be shared and explored which eventually guarantees a more productive workplace. We do this by supporting organizations to create harmonious, efficient and productive working teams whilst improving work relationships and overall team functioning.

Strategic Planning
Here we focus our priorities on resources, operations and people in response to the organization’s direction to a changing environment. Our efforts are guided towards facilitating fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what an organization is, what it does, who it serves, its focus on the future and how it will know if it is successful. Some of the tools that we use for this process are the Balanced Score Card, Resource Based View and Value Chain Analysis. Our framework cycle involves analyzing the internal and external business environment, strategy formulation, strategy execution and finally strategy evaluation or sustainment.

Capacity Building
It is imperative for organizations to facilitate learning and development of their people. It is with this background that we help our clients to increase their knowledge, skills, output rate and capabilities through training, coaching, acquisition and leveraging on technology. We also address various levels of environmental management capacities i.e. capacities of the individuals, capacities of the organization and the institutional and legal framework Development.

Organization Development
Using behavioral science knowledge and proven theories, we work together with senior management to plan organization wide interventions with the aim of increasing the organization’s health and effectiveness. Here we offer expertise on performance management, assessment and analysis, vision and value strategy, succession planning and Leadership development.